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Certified sustainable timber on rise in Ghana

Ghana has made a concerted effort to improve forestry practices by guaranteeing that timber for export to Europe be sustainably harvested:

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Center for Democracy and Development, July 2010 pg. 6:

http://www.profor.info/profor/sites/profor.info/files/publication/2009-PROFOR-progressreport-part1.pdf http://www.biodiversityhotspots.org/xp/Hotspots/west_africa/Pages/default.aspx#indepth

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Potential for a solar energy boom in the Middle East and North Africa

The Strategic Foresight Group writes,

"Due to the suitable conditions for solar power in the Middle East, solar powered energy projects are a rising trend in many MENA countries – particularly Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). If successful, these efforts to foster solar power could lead to a renewable energy boom in the MENA region in the future.

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