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Trade Liberalization Does Not Always Lead to Gender Equality

Proponents of trade liberalization and economic globalization have often claimed such policies lead to increased equality for women. Evidence in Sub-Saharan Africa, however, has been mixed so far. Millennium Project South Africa Node writes the following:

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Millennium Project South Africa Node March 2010, pages 8

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China’s interdependence with developing countries

China's new found buying power is helping fuel growth in developing countries in Latin America and South Africa.

From Millennium Project South Africa Node:
"Dr Martyn Davies, Head of the China Africa Network at Gordon Institute of Business Science) GIBS… states that China's demand for energy and commodities is underpinning and fueling growth in Sub-Saharan Africa... He calls it a ‘new coupling of growth’ where China's or Africa's growth is dependent on Chinese demand and its supply chains."

From Internacional Nacional Foro:

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Millennium Project South Africa Node, March 2010, page 2

Internacional Nacional Foro, February 2010, page 5:

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Election Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa

The global north has in the last decade clung to elections, free and fair elections, as the number one marker of democratic progress. Problems however arise when categorizing an election as fair, and what happens when the fairly elected leader leads by patronage (that is placing the interests of his or her tribe or clan above everyone else's)?

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