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Nigeria experiments with new land ownership process

The issue of private property and land ownership is a big area in need of intervention for the purposes of national development.

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Aboriginal tribes resist land development in Orissa

Tribal groups have been protesting, with some success, the seizure or illegal development of local forest land, which threatens their livelihood and can force them out of forest areas.

The Strategic Foresight Group writes,

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Strategic Foresight Group, Dec 2010, page 4:

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Bangladesh faces the permanence of slums

"Every year, around 300,000-400,000 new migrants flock into Dhaka, the bulk of which come from rural, underprivileged backgrounds and are seeking employment opportunities in the city's fast-growing manufacturing and service sectors. However, the reality they face upon arrival is grim--unable to afford decent housing, they are forced to move into large, illegal settlements.

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