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Diasporas Define Singapore's Cultural, Economic Character (and threaten it's national sovreignty)

Singapore is profoundly shaped by both the Singaporean diaspora around the world, and the many diasporic communities from other countries that settle in Singapore.

According to Noviscape, July 2011, the government has recognized the power of the Singaporean diaspora and is attempting to leverage it.

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Noviscape_July2011 page 5, 6, 7:

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Developing 8 Countries (D-8) Business Forum meets

The D-8 group of "developing" countries with large Muslim populations is an important network of South-South solidarity and trade, and its Business Forum convened in July 2010 and announced a new series of trade missions. The D-8 is made up of Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey.

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Center for Democracy and Development, July 2010 pg. 10:

Http://www.apanews.net/spip.php?arti cle128131

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Trapia: Traceable Tilapia All the Way From "Egg to Plate"

Faced with rapidly decreasing amounts of wild fish and a growing unease with the negative long term effects of fish farming, there is a big space for innovation. According to Noviscope's July 2010 newsletter, "Demand for fish as a healthy food has increased in recent years. Globally, per capita demand for fish products for human consumption has increased from 10.5 kilograms (kg) per year to almost 16 kg over the last three decades." In the shadow of an increased demand for fish, we see a deep decline in the supply side.

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Southeast Asian Countries With Less Access to Electricity Use Higher Rate of Renewable Energy

According to the Asian Trends Monitoring Bulletin from October 2010, it appears as though the Southeast Asian countries with the least access to electricity uses the highest amount of energy from "combustible renewables and waste".

Thailand which shows a 99% rate of access to electricity for rural communities and 100% rate of access for urban communities gets only 18% of their energy from combustible renewables and waste.

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Asian Trends Monitoring Bulletin, October 2010: PDF 2, pg. 1:

scrap metal mobile phone charger:

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Medical Tourism in Southeast Asia

Medical tourism is a quickly growing industry in Southeast Asia. The stigma of traveling for surgery is long gone, and now it can even be combined with a luxurious vacation. But have the potential downfalls of this growing global market been properly considered before nationally supported expansion efforts have been put into place?

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LKYSPP Asian Trends Monitoring Bulletin, Singapore. Sept 2010: http://newsletters.clearsignals.org/LKYSPP_Sept2010.pdf

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Digital Politics also a tool of politicians and government actors

Digital technologies have helped radically change citizen participation in political processes, served as a platform for guerilla politics, but it’s worth noting that traditional political structures have also adopted them. Citizen v government isn’t the only source of digital-political struggle, and we should see increased use of ICT in familiar political arenas.

Poomjit Sirawongprasert writes,

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Noviscape, Sept 2010, page 10,11: http://newsletters.clearsignals.org/Noviscape_Sept2010#page=10
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