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United Nations University launches a short-term scholarship program in biotechnology in LATNAM

“The Biotechnology Program of the United Nations University (UNU) has called for applications to its short-term scholarship program and several academic initiatives for 2011. The application process is from June 1st to September 30th. The program includes: (i) climate change and biotechnology, (ii) control of vectors and biotechnology; (iii) biotechnology in human health; (iv) industrial biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, and biotechnology applied to art conservation; and (v) copyright and technology transfers in biotechnology. UNU – BIOLAC (Biotechnology Program of Latin America and the Caribbean) offers opportunities for training, research and expert exchanges through research courses, advance training and collaboration with research networks. The program arose as part of recent initiatives to promote this topic in the region as well to encourage the creation of consensus on bioethics and to contribute to improved regulation of bio-security and related topics in the region.”

Implications from IFTF:
Recent advents in biotechnology, including research into bacteria and microbes, is paving the way for very new methods to deal with anything from public health to warfare. It’s important that all countries become quickly fluent in the language of biotechnology in order to be able to both take advantage of this new era in technology and science advancement, as well as to ensure national security is maintained.

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