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Vietnamese Gov to Create New Rural Communes Across Country

"Under the initial national pilot program the Government of Vietnam chose 11 communes to develop and create as ‘new rural areas’... The aim of the project is two-fold. It aims to create better, more developed rural areas and at the same time, it aims to organize economic sectors and the livelihoods of those that live in these rural areas."
"The relative success of the pilot has led to the Government announcing in August of 2010 the plans for developing all rural communes across the Vietnam in 2010-2020....The project has been extended to cover the entire country over the next decade,"

Implications from SFG:

"In the event that project proceeds successfully, it is likely that infrastructure will improve drastically in rural areas as a prime focus of the project is developing roads along with other construction projects. There is also a focus on child welfare"
"In the event that the project is not entirely successful... the drastic alteration of labor structure proposed by the project in rural areas in a relatively short period of time, i.e. 10 years, could backfire, especially if no other industries are developed to provide jobs."

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