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Bangladesh is paying people for further training

In an attempt to combat unemployment, Bangladesh launched a training program that will pay people with high school educations to get training in particular fields, and then provide them with a 2 year employment contract at 80USD a month.

“Under the National Service Program (NSP) launched in 2010, the government will give three months of training to educated (Higher Secondary Certificate holders) youth with a monthly payment of TK 3000 (USD 40) each. The NSP involves training in a variety of fields, like disaster management, agriculture, public security, social welfare, health and family planning, physical education, environment, and services of the union and sub district government offices. After this, trainees will be given employment for two years with a salary of TK 6000 (USD 80) per month. The program will be implemented in phases and in the initial phase of the program, the government has planned to provide training to 720,000 educated youths in Kurigram, Barguna and Gopalgunj districts. The program will be replicated in other parts of the country over the next few years. Since the wage payments to these workers will be delivered through bank accounts this is likely to encourage people to save in the future.”

Implications from SFG:
“Moreover, provision of skill training will allow people engaged in informal activities abroad to move to the skilled formal sector, which in turn will improve their living conditions. There is potential for intervention for foundations to collaborate with local NGOs such as Development Research Network (D.Net) in providing computer skill training specifically targeted towards working age people across the country.”

Implications from IFTF:
Though a great initiative one has to wonder where Bangladesh is getting the funds to run the program, and how they can guarantee the jobs for the trainees once they complete their training course.

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