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Non-Profit IT Company Brings Skills, Scholarships and Jobs to Cambodia, Laos and Kenya

"Digital Divide Data (DDD) was founded in 2001 in Cambodia by a group dominated by Western business consultants and technopreneurs. During their travels around Indochina, they encounter poverty, and yet perceive the region as an untouched human reservoir."

"DDD recruit disadvantaged youths in Cambodia and Laos and provide them with the education and training they need to work in a world-class digitization and IT company, serving clients around the world. This business model is made possible by an Internet technology where services can be transmitted digitally, and made viable by the growing needs in mass digitization by many organizations around the world, including national libraries and archives. In order to break the cycle of poverty, these young people will receive part-time education supported by DDD. We may regard this as an example of the earlier digital generations helping the migration of later generations."

Additional info from IFTF:
DDD's website identifies itself as a non-profit IT company and claims that they "train and employ [disadvantaged populations] at a fair wage, while offering them scholarships to attend university. DDD alumni go on to high-skilled positions in which they earn more than four times the average regional wage"

It also mentions offices in Kenya, in addition to Cambodia and Laos.

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