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India Plans Road Network Near Disputed Border With China

"India will be building a network of strategic roads along the China-India border. The network will be in India’s Ladakh region, in Indian Kashmir. The goal is to have most of the roads completed by 2013. Approximately 63% of work on roads in Arunachal Pradesh and 12% in Ladakh is done. The area in question is in dispute between the two countries: India claims that China is illegally occupying 15,000 square miles of northwestern territory, while China claims 90,000 square kilometers of Arunachal Pradesh in northeast India."

Context from IFTF:

Announcement comes "against a backdrop of Chinese infrastructure build-up along the border, the Press Trust of India reported."

"By 2013 we would be able to complete work on the bulk of the roads," state-run Border Roads Organization chief Lieutenant General S. Ravi Shankar was quoted as telling reporters in the Indian capital New Delhi.

"About 63 per cent of work is complete on 27 roads in the northeastern province of Arunachal Pradesh and 12 in Ladakh, Shankar said, adding that these are high priority roads "closely monitored at the highest levels".

"The report follows a claim by India earlier this year that Chinese troops had threatened Indian workers in an area of the Himalayas claimed by both countries."

"India says China is illegally occupying 38,000 square kilometres (15,000 square miles) of its northwestern territory, while Beijing claims a 90,000-square-kilometre chunk of Arunachal Pradesh in northeast India."

The disputed borders have become a focus for friction between the two fast-developing Asian giants.


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