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Biodegradable toilet bag could help alleviate slum sanitation nightmare

A Swedish architect has developed the PeePoo bag, a bio-degradable toilet bag that can be disposed as fertilizer. With the huge sanitation dilemma faced by city planners and urban slum dwellers, there is great need for solutions that can accommodate the 600 million people in India who do not have access to toilet facilities.

"The PeePoo bag is easy to use and hygienic. It works like a micro-treatment plant and reduces contamination. The bioplastic bag can be used as fertilizer. Once used, the 14x38 cm slim, elongated bag can be knotted and buried under the earth. [Equipped] with a layer of urea crystals, the waste can turn into fertilizer, killing dangerous pathogens found in feces."

IFTF implications: cheap, sustainable solutions like the PeePoo bag can help mitigate the poor sanitation conditions found in urban slums and provide a local source of revenue if they are eventually manufactured locally.

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Searchlight South Asia, March 2010, page 8