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Low-tech aids in tracking maternal and infant care

A new system proposed by an innovation group in the World Bank will use cell phones to track efficacy of ground-level maternal and infant health services.

Intellecap writes,

"The World Bank innovation team is developing tracking and serviceā€verification systems in other regions like Karnataka, India, to measure the effectiveness of maternal and infant health services. Cell phones allow health professions to record whether the programs are working well, and nurses would be able to text the number of patients they saw and number of inoculations or tests. They also hope to use texts to confirm whether patients receive satisfactory service."


IFTF says that such a system of on-the-ground information-gathering through cheap and ubiquitous devices (cell phones) could both increase accountability (as beneficiaries report actual outcomes) and enable service providers to improve their services (as they get near real-time data on what their policies are doing.)

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