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Multi-stakeholder data and analytics platform to track education interventions

The Akshara Foundation leverages ICT to share, compile, and analyze data about education from a variety of stakeholders in Karnataka.

Searchlight South Asia writes, “ICT is also being used to strengthen the supply side or the back‐end of education provision. Akshara Foundation, a part of the education‐focused NGO Pratham, has been using technology to analyze and track its efforts and interventions across 3,500 schools in Karnataka.”

From the Akshara Foundation website,

“This effort envisages a system where a network of non-profits working across multiple verticals - education, health, nutrition etc., will bring their data together to present a factual assessment and this will be used to galvanize community led ownership of the public schooling system to drive change.”


ICT4E has an important role to play outside the schools. Searchlight South Asia writes, “By using ICT, standardized education delivery outcomes are more easily measured and benchmarked. This leads to opportunities for improving quality of teaching and enhancing learning outcomes.” Institute for the Future adds that Akshara’s efforts are helping pilot a data platform that multiple stakeholders - inside and outside the education field - can use for comprehensive learning strategies

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