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One-stop-shop for ICT4E solutions in India

Educomp has partnered with local government in India to provide one-stop-shop education solution services – IT infrastructure, hardware, training, digital content – for government schools across the country. Educomp’s streamlined services have helped bring ICT4E (Internet Communication Technologies) to many students, and they are a major ICT4E provider in India. Intellecap also highlights that Educomp has public‐private partnerships with 14 State Governments in India and covers over 14,500 government schools and 7.9 million students.

A survey of ICTs for Education in India and South Asia found that ICT4E initiatives are successful when they pull can integrate the technology, training, policy, and curriculum, creating an ecosystem of digital learning.


Intellecap writes,

“ICT, if used as a medium of instruction, can help standardize education
delivery, and minimize the problem of poor teacher quality.

implications form Institute for the future:

Could we see India lead the ICT4E space? Infrastructure and connectivity form the key bottlenecks. An uninterrupted power supply is necessary. Further, teachers need to be trained in using this new medium. There is
also the matter of winning the trust and buyin of parents and practitioners. Physical paper can be written, marked, ranked and sealed upon; it carries more trust than computers, for the uninitiated. Hence, educators, solution providers, and policy makers will have to create awareness and buy‐in before ICT can be scaled up.”

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