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The Ibrahim Index of African Governance

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation started the Ibrahim Index in 2007 to measure African governance. The index was designed to monitor African governance according to the african perspective, foster greater dialogue within african civil society, and a homegrown monitoring system for governments, citizens, and different organizations to track progress. Using 88 indicators The Ibrahim Index is the most robust indicator of African governance.

"The 2010 Ibrahim Index, released in early October, shows recent gains in many countries in human and economic development but declines in political rights, personal safety and the rule of law. Essentially, overall governance scores in Africa are being driven by gains in human and economic development but are being undermined by democratic recession."

Implications from Institute for the Future:

Ibrahim Indicator is a great example of Africa working to create its own image within the global north, but also for its own citizens who face a negative portrayal in the global media.

According to a press release for the 2010 Index result, "Salim Ahmed Salim, Board Member of the Foundation and former Secretary-General of the Organisation of African Unity, said (regarding the 2010 Ibrahim Index results):

‘We must ensure that the political side of governance in Africa is not neglected. We have seen from evidence and experience across the world that discrepancies between political governance and economic management are unsustainable in the long term. If Africa is going to continue to make progress we need to pay attention to the rights and safety of citizens.’"

Hopefully the creation if The Ibrahim Index will help governments stay centered as they continue to work towards sustainable development and all the different facets that encompasses.

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