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Regional dialogues to address broadband gap in South America

Representatives from many Latin American and Caribbean countries met to discuss strategies for addressing broadband access gap.

FORO writes,

On August 18, 2010, representatives of governments of Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay participated in the first meeting of a regional dialogue on broadband: Regional Dialogue on the Costs of International Connections and their Impact on Broadband Prices. The main agreements were: the sustainable development of the regional market of broadband, the promotions of greater infrastructure of optical fiver in the region, and the implementation of mechanisms for spreading better practices in the politics of broadband of better practices in politics of wide band. In March 2010, The V Foro Minsterial ALC-UE sobre Sociedad do la Informacion proposed reducing the gap in broadband access that excludes many from the digital world and produces negative effects on the productivity and competitiveness of the countries.


High-speed internet access is as much as 10% of the average monthly income in many Latin American and Caribbean countries. Serious efforts to expand availability could greatly expand the region’s access to global information and role in global markets. FORO says, “Reaching these objectives requires greater state intervention to create conditions that foster development of new information technologies and digital communication. These are essential ingredients for moving towards a sustainable and inclusive society in the region.”

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