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Why are poverty wages sometimes enough?

Although it may be hard for people in the global north or in the middle and upper class strata of the global south to understand why anyone would choose to work under terrible conditions for a mere 24USD a month (see http://rfsearchlight.clearsignals.org/node/246), as we will see, something is still better than nothing.

"Despite poor conditions and poverty wages, women in Bangladesh continue to flock to factory openings. Often, Bangladesh women can only choose between unemployment or poverty wages. The garment industry is one of a few jobs available to women in a conservative country like Bangladesh. Women are moving from rural villages into the city center, often sending home remittances from their small earnings.

"Economists at the Yale School of Management have found that twice as many garment jobs in a community causes a 6.71% increase in the probability that a 5-year-old girl is in school. It has allowed many young women in the 17-19 year old age demographic to delay marrying and having children."


The ability of women to delay early marriage and the increased chances of a girl being able to attend school are not trivial matters. The hope is that the next generation will be better equipped and able to fight for better wages and better work conditions.

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